CMM 2018: Dinalupihan, Bataan

Dear CMM Volunteers and Supporters,

My name is Rusty Aujero, I am a retired nurse from Durham, NC.  I am the US Coordinator for CMM 2018.  I first volunteered with the Carolina Medical Mission in 2003 when the joint mission was held in my hometown of Dinalupihan, Bataan.  We were able to serve over 5,000 patients during the four day mission.  I am proud and excited to announce that CMM 2018 will return to Bataan.  We are scheduled to serve my townmates of Dinalupihan on February 4-8, 2018.  

During my February 2017 visit to my town, I felt the tremendous support of the municipality leaders.  They are excited and are anticipating CMM’s return. My entire family is prepared and motivated to help out in any way they can.  They view CMM’s humanitarian work as a form of stewardship in sharing God’s given gift of time, talent, and treasure in service to the underprivileged in the Philippines. The “smiles” and “thank-yous” from our kababayan (our fellow Filipinos) are our foremost rewards!

This will be CMM’s 25th year of community outreach to the Philippines.  This is my first experience as the US coordinator.  I am inspired and overjoyed to coordinate CMM’s return to my hometown. I am fully aware of the patience and sacrifices needed for a successful mission. I am ready to face the many challenges of coordinating a free medical, surgical, and dental mission.  My personal motto that I firmly believe in is that “God always provides” for a noble cause, especially with His favorite people, “the poor”.

My husband, Mau and I have already started the crucial task of fundraising. We are learning that it is not an easy job. We are blessed to have gotten off to a fairly good start.  However, we are still far from our goal of raising the necessary funds to support a four day mission trip.  A financial gift from you will be a big help in reaching our fundraising goal for CMM 2018 in DInalupihan, Bataan.  Thank you in advanced for your generosity.

I invite all medical and non-medical volunteers to come and join us next year for the silver anniversary of CMM.  I look forward to sharing the historical and cultural treasures that my hometown and province have to offer.  All of you have an important part and we are all one body in serving the poor with love for the glory of our own CREATOR!

Finally, an early congratulations to the Carolina Medical Mission on their upcoming 25th year of service! More power to all committed volunteers and to the CMM leaders who serve with humility.

Rusty Aujero, RN
US Coordinator
CMM 2018 Dinualupihan, Bataan

CMM Update

Hello CMM Volunteers and friends,

Pardon the mess.  We are currently updating the CMM website to a new modern mobile friendly design.

CMM 2017 Update

  • All balikbayan boxes shipped to Tanauan from North Carolina have been received.
  • Medicines purchased in Manila have been delivered and received in Tanauan.
  • We have visited and made final arrangements for the hotel in Batangas.

We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Wishing all our volunteers safe travels to the Philippines.  


CMM 2017 Tanauan

Reposted from October 2016 Newsletter

Greetings CMM friends,

I am overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation for Tanauan mission. My wife and I are coordinating the Philippine American Association of North Carolina sponsored Carolina Medical Mission 2017.

This is a monumental task for us. This is our first experience at coordinating a medical mission. We are proud to bring CMM to our hometown of Tanauan, Batangas.

I am blessed to be surrounded with friends whose lives are dedicated to helping the poor members of our society. Among these are the exemplary medical team of volunteers led by Dr. Art de Leon and Dr. Fred Ng.The support of the Carolina Medical Mission team under theleadership of Emma Dempsey, Anita Ng and Dr. Rosemary de Leonhas been great. I am honored to have the support of my fellow PAANC board members, the Fatima Rosary Prayer group led by Lita Castillo, Couples For Christ brothers and sisters, and other supporters from the Triangle area.

I just recently arrived from the Philippines where I was finalizing some aspects of the mission. I secured the medical and surgical venues for CMM 2017. I also arranged local transport and inspected the CMM team hotel.

I hope and pray that this venture will be successful in improving the health of my marginalized kababayan in Tanauan.

I am privileged to be a part of this undertaking. May God Bless us all.

See you in Tanauan!

Ed Panganiban
PAANC Co-Chair
U.S. Coordinator CMM 2017 Tanauan