• Emma Dempsey, CMM General Coordinator
  • Robert Turner MD, CMM Medical Director
  • Benjamin Yu MD, CMM Surgical Director


The CAROLINA MEDICAL MISSION (CMM) is a humanitarian project of the registered nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, Philippine-American Association of North Carolina, Inc. (PAANC).  With our dedicated volunteer professionals, CMM provides free Medical, Ophthalmic, Surgical, and Dental services to the many disadvantaged, health-impaired individuals in the rural areas of the Philippines.


  • To provide quality medical, surgical, and dental services to the sick in underserved areas of the Philippines. 
  • To provide medicine, small medical equipment, and medical journals to mission hospitals. 
  • To educate community health-care volunteers and residents with advancements in medicines, nutrition and hygiene, and lifesaving techniques. Presenting new medical and surgical techniques to local doctors and surgeons. 

  • To establish a "core" group of local health professionals who are willing to volunteer their time and services to the mission. Encouraging them to continue doing mission work outside of CMM.


Before 1983, the year PAANC was incorporated, the Philippine Health Aid group formed and was in operation. This group of concerned North Carolina based Filipino-Americans were dedicated to providing an outreach to community-based health centers in the Philippines.

This group became the Carolina Medical Mission (CMM) in 1994 under PAANC. Thanks to the commitment and involvement of many volunteers, CMM continues to provide quality health-related services to the people of rural Philippines. CMM aims to have their services available to other developing countries in the future.